Following the preventable disappearance of his younger brother, a troubled teen must learn to overcome his depression and guilt with the help of a quirky therapist, Mr. Cleary. On top of that, Atticus must also figure out how to deal with the normal difficulties of being a senior in high school and his deteriorating relationship with his mother.

When Andrea wakes up in a log cabin in the middle of the woods, she can't remember who she is or where she came from. All she knows is that she almost drowned in a river and her rescuer, a handsome but mysterious boy, is determined to help her. Can she trust him and his mother? Are they hiding something? Andrea must unveil the truth about her rescuers in order to find the truth about herself.

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Mila (A Three-Part Story) takes place in 43 AD when Rome conquered Southern Britannia.

Mila, a young mother, is taken hostage by Rome, ripped away from her son, and sold as a

gladiator. After she uses fighting skills, learned from her father, to survive a battle in the arena,

Mila’s master decides to make her a deal. If she fights for him and wins back his status as an

entertainer, she’ll be granted her freedom, which will enable her to search for her son. Mila

accepts, unaware that this new world has nothing to offer but tremendous peril, unspeakable

grief, and unforgivable lies.